Turbozaurs animated series launch its new sticker pack on Viber

Celebrating Earth Day, Turbozaurs animated series launched its new sticker pack called Eco-logical Turbozaurs and available on Viber platform, where Turbozaursā€™ own global channel in English has already attracted over 180 thousand subscribers from 30 countries.

The channel features regular posts on new episodesā€™ premieres as well as educational content and covers marketing activities and events around Turbozaurs. The launch of this ecology-themed sticker pack is linked to Earth Day, celebrated on April 22 worldwide. The new stickers reflect one of the key principles of the series: the importance of protecting the environment and the need to actively participate in this to the best of your ability, regardless of age. Turbozaurs stickers serve as a universal language of communication, which is understood by all ages and speak the language of the series: they joke, cheer up and motivate. By using this universal language Turbozaurs ensure that key principles of protecting the environment are understood across all generations, especially kids.

By April 2023 Turbozaurs animated series are dubbed in 14 languages, incl. English, Italian, Mandarin and Spanish. In just one year, the series debuted in many countries worldwide, including the US (available on V-ME KIDS Hispanic сhannel and ToonGoggles platform), in Turkey (via Minika Go kidsā€™ channel), in Italy (via Nick Jr.), in the Baltics (via Go3 platform) and in China (via the major Chinese streaming platform Youku that belongs to Alibaba Group, where the show quickly made it to the top 10 most admired kidsā€™ animation series). Recently Turbozaurs debuted in Singapore together with leading local media holding Mediacorp.